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— O Book Publisher (Amsterdam, NL) is dedicated to the published work of Erica Overmeer.

O Book Publisher is an independent artist publishing project that is free from any institutional or commercial ties. O Book Publisher is concerned with books and publications that through their form and content cannot be published otherwise.

O Book Publisher is interested in using the book form as an independent art form and mode of artistic production. O Book Publisher is interested in producing autonomous work within the parameters, possibilities, and limitations of the professional printing process. Print runs and formats vary widely, ranging from limited editions, one-page poster sized publications in single copies, to open and unlimited print runs.

Here you will soon have the possibility to order the publications directly from this website.

Here you will find a link to the website of Erica Overmeer.

This website is a work in progress. More content will be added soon and a webshop will be connected where you can order all publications directly through this site.

In the meantime please order through order@obookpublisher.site 
If you’re interested in knowing more, please check back here soon.

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All images, unless otherwise indicated, O Book Publisher / Erica Overmeer.

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All images, videos, texts, and design elements of this site are — unless third-party copyrights are indicated — the exclusive property of O Book Publisher / Erica Overmeer and are protected under international copyright laws. Photos and films are not to be downloaded, reproduced, stored, copied, manipulated, used, or altered in any way. The use of protected content outside the limits of copyright law without the consent of the owner(s) of the rights is prohibited and punishable by law. Unauthorized usage will be prosecuted.

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Printroom, Rotterdam (NL) ships EU

— Orders
Please order direct with O Book Publisher for private orders and book shop distribution. Just send us an email with your address, your order, etc. to order@obookpublisher.com, and we will confirm shipping details and payment methods asap.

Shipping costs are added separately.

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O Book Publisher accepts PayPal or advance payment.

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— Funding
Over the years, O Book Publisher has received generous funding and support from:
Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam
Pictoright Fund, Amsterdam
Stichting Jaap Harten Fonds, Amsterdam
Stichting Kwadraat, Amsterdam
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